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Nomadica Sparkling Rose NV - 250ml


100% Pinot Noir. Nomadica is a collection of wines thoughtfully curated by sommelier Kristin Olszewski. Nomadica’s mission is to bring the sommelier experience beyond the fine dining restaurant. All wines are sourced from vineyards with responsible and sustainable farming practices, and from winemakers who engage in low intervention winemaking with no chemical manipulation. After earning a degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Gender Studies, Kristin caught the wine bug while working in restaurants in San Francisco. Though she was busy completing a pre-med degree at Harvard, when applying to medical schools, she couldn’t deny her love of the vine and decided to commit to the wine industry. Formerly a sommelier at Osteria Mozza, Husk, F10 Creative, and Straight Wharf she’s stoked on the new California winemaking landscape and particularly nerdy about French and Italian wines. Nomadica wines are limited-edition releases and the can format is an ideal format to preserve freshness and vibrancy, and the wine varietals are chosen specifically for the can. Cans are also about 400x lighter than glass bottles – reducing emissions from shipping by up to 80%. This sparkling Pinot Noir rose from Monterey, CA is a revelation. A pink libation that savors of serenity, this sparkling rosé tastes like the inside of a waterfall. Little droplets of mineral-driven water interspersed with the freshness and pure juice of just-picked red raspberries and pomegranates. So clean and pure, it’s the alcoholic equivalent of a hydrating face mist. We’ve been skeptical of high-quality wine in canned format, as most are made for quantity, but Kristin’s wines have changed our minds. Full of flavor and personality, we’re excited about the future of canned wine and Nomadica is leading this new evolution.

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