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Kesner Chardonnay Rockbreak 2016


Kesner Chardonnay Rockbreak 2016, a wine that's as bold as a rock star stepping onto the stage. This Chardonnay masterpiece showcases a golden hue that glimmers like a spotlight illuminating the star of the show. Aromas of ripe tropical fruits, toasted almonds, and a touch of vanilla waft from the glass, creating an olfactory concert that excites the senses. On the palate, it's a symphony of flavorsÑjuicy pineapple, creamy butterscotch, and a hint of citrus zest that harmonize with precision. The texture is as smooth as a guitar solo, while the acidity is as vibrant as the beat of a drum. The finish is like a standing ovation, leaving you with a sense of awe and a craving for an encore. Kesner Chardonnay Rockbreak 2016 is a wine that rocks your palate and showcases the artistry of California winemaking.

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