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Denis Bachelet Bourgogne Rouge 2019


100% Pinot Noir. Denis Bachelet is one of those very few winemakers in Burgundy whose wines have managed to achieve iconic status. This status is remarkably incongruous for a man who is himself invariably soft-spoken, gracious, and polite. A portion of his cult-like renown may be due to the scarcity of wines produced by such a diminutive estate: at 3.85 hectares, it is less than one-third the size of Domaine Armand Rousseau, Bachelet’s co-regent of Gevrey. But the greater reason for the Bachelet prominence is the incomparable quality of his wine. As the great Clive Coates has written: “The Denis Bachelet style produces wines of intensity, great elegance, and subtle in the best sense. They are concentrated, harmonious, pure, and understated.” These are burgundies that have been crafted by a master. It doesn’t get much better than these wines.

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