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Bakari Pinot Grigio 2020


100% Pinot Grigio. The Menti winery dates back to the late 1800s in the Veneto subregion of Gambellara. Always family-owned, the generations have focussed on a holistic view of working the land, growing their own fruit and vegetables, making their own honey, and of course tending to the grapes. There has always been a focus on local varieties, with the utmost care taken to honor the styles of the past. The current custodian of the land is Stefano, the fourth-generation winemaker. He has taken the wines to new heights since working alongside his father in 2002 and now taking over the winemaking completely. His approach has been to convert the estate to biodynamics, both for the vines and the gardens, and to remove the use of sulfur from most of the wines. In 2019 Stefano joined forces with Raffaele Bonivento, past in Vinnatur and Porthos, to create Bakari - a range of natural, well-made wines that offered great value whilst staying true to the hands-off approach that both of them believed in. No artifice, no dogma, just great wines that are made without chemicals. Whilst Stefano doesn't grow all the grapes used, they are all sourced from growers who do things 'the right way'. A great little set of wines. This Pinot Grigio goes through a three-hour skin maceration. What Italians would call "ramato", the wine is somewhere between a copper-orange and a raspberry pink. Plushly textured with lots of citrus and hints of red fruit. Moderate acidity, it’s super-easy going, with nothing funky going on. A great introduction into skin-contact white wines, or folks just looking to try a different spin on Pinot Grigio. We believe wines like this show the true side of Pinot Grigio and are completely opposite of the bland, insipid Pinot Grigio's one would find at a grocery store.

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