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Deux Punx No Comply 2019


Merlot and Cabernet Franc blend. The two men behind Deux Punx have no training, no affiliations and they plan to keep it that way. Punk rock ethos insists these wines are made frugally and sold for honest prices. The parallels between their love of punk/skate culture and the back-to-basics, anti-establishment ethos of natural winemaking are clear. They're all about risk and freedom. Deux Punx was founded by Dan Schaaf and Aaron Olson, two wine-addicted ex-punks, in April of 2008. They utilize the facilities of Punk Dog Wineries, a shared space in the River East Neighborhood in Napa, which lends itself to the minimalist and experimental style of winemaking they capture in their wines. All of their wines are produced in the same manner – native fermentation, minimal so2, neutral oak, and ambient temperatures. Their philosophy is to let the raw materials from the vineyards shine, embracing the differences between sites and vintages. Dan and Aaron enlist artist friends to create their labels, resulting in unique, quirky labels for their quality juice, paired with some musical genius. Deux Punx believes wine is meant to be shared and enjoyed, not cellared and ignored. The No Comply series has the same label every vintage but the varietal(s) change every year. The 2019 vintage is Merlot and Cab Franc from the Sonoma side of Carneros and is co-fermented in steel before 4 months in neutral oak. This is a summer sipper all the way. Serve slightly chilled and experience the green pepper, red fruit, and milk chocolate come right out of the glass to refresh you on a hot day. Deux Punx is everything we love about New California wine. Check them out!

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