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Pelle Menetou Salon Morogues Blanc 2018


100% Sauvignon Blanc. Menetou-Salon, and particularly the wines from the village of Morogues (just east of Menetou itself), are some of the most underrated and exciting wines of the entire eastern Loire Valley! Menetou-Salon has always lived in the shadows of Sancerre. It is only one-fifth the size of Sancerre and that, coupled with the fact that until recently only about 20% of Menetou-Salon was exported from the country, has made it a classic under-the-radar appellation. Domaine Pellé is a fourth-generation family estate run by the talented and hard-working Paul-Henry Pellé. The majority of the estate's 40 hectares of vines are situated in and around the village of Morogues which is 90% Kimmeridgian limestone. The same limestone that is in Chablis or the Aube creates complex, elegant, mineral-laden wines that can age. Paul-Henry Pellé took over for the family in 2007 and immediately converted to organic viticulture. Prior to that, the family had taken a natural approach in the vineyards, working and plowing the soils and avoiding the use of herbicides and pesticides. The fermentations for the Menetou Morogues occur in a majority of tanks with about 15% in wood, both foudres and 400-liter barrels with wild yeasts, and then are aged for one year before bottling. Morogues Blanc is Paul-Henry's most important wine production-wise and is a blend of seven hillside vineyards. An absolute stunner for the value. We understand that Sancerre is just so easy to sell. But if you like great Sancerre we invite you to discover these distinctive, mineral-laden wines from one of the masters of the region.

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