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100% Sauvignon Blanc. While the history of Massican’s name resides in the south of Italy, the inspiration for the wine comes from the north. The Massican wines are a blend of grape varieties with the hope of promising a new, unique approach to what white wine could be – modern, spirited, different – taking the best of what California vineyards have to offer and approaching the winemaking with intellectual verve and passion. Massican harvests six grape varieties in and around Napa Valley and Sonoma County – three northeastern Italian white varieties (Tocai Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, and Pinot Grigio), coupled with a southern Italian variety (Greco) and two western varieties (Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc). With these six grape varieties, Dan Petroski makes four wines channeling the style and the blends made famous by Borgo del Tiglio, Miani, Ronco del Gnemiz, and Venica & Venica, just to name a few. Inspired by the Sauvignon wines of northern Italy, this Sauvignon Blanc pays homage to the tart and delicious everyday wine workhorse of the region of Friuli. While it is difficult to recreate these specific Italian wines anywhere else in the world, Sauvignon is their California interpretation of these great Italian white wines. The grapes for this wine are farmed at two vineyards in Napa Valley where the temperatures are both the warmest during the day and the coolest at night. That diversity helps Massican produce a wine of intensity and freshness. Cheers to Dan for a fantastic wine!

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