La Collina Lambrusco Dell Emilia Quaresimo 2019



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A Blend of Lambrusco Salamino, Maestri, Grasparossa, Malbo Gentile. The Cooperativa Agricola La Collina was founded in 1975, when 12 energized young men with ambitious visions aimed for something entirely new. Among them was Enea, who now runs a co-operative farm with agricultural and humanitarian achievements far beyond what could have been dreamed over 40 years ago. The core of this vision is that everyone on the farm would live like an extended family. The farming was to be traditional and the produce, some of Emilia’s most famous exports: Parmigiano Reggiano and Lambrusco. The hope was to be able to offer this close knit family environment to those less fortunate that were recovering from drug problems. Today all the visions of La Collina have been realized, and then some. They grow vegetables, fruits, cereals, keep livestock, make wine, sausages, honey, pasta, and meat products. In addition they are able to spread the knowledge of biodynamic farming through educational field-trips and workshops. Over the years they have helped many young adults with drug problems rehabilitate themselves and learn the joys of farming and community. It was never a question for the co-op how to farm. Organics and Biodynamics are the only way for them, and they’ve been doing it strictly since 1985. They cherish their soils, and organics are the only way to keep them lively and connected to the surrounding ecosystem. The cellar work at La Collina is consistent with their dedication to organics and biodynamics. The wine is produced using simply, but with precision, in hopes of making a very traditional, but precise Lambrusco. Quaresimo is one of the best Lambruscos we’ve come across and it reminds us why Lambrusco is such a classic food wine: you get acidity in spades, low alcohol and palate-refreshing fizz, a combo that perfectly cuts through fat and washes down even the richest sauces. Dark, inky and bone-dry, with tart cranberry, sour cherry and slightly tongue-tingling tannins, you want this on your picnics, at BBQs, or with the random antipasti spread.

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