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Friends Of The House

Luckysomm is more than an online wine shop. We are partners of nonprofits and community building organizations that actively support diversity and growth in the wine community. 

Here are Somm of our talented friends:


Welcome. Elevate. Amplify. Wine Unify is an organization that champions diversity and inclusion for underrepresented minorities in the wine industry.

Wine Unify was founded on the belief that education is the cornerstone to progress in any field. Yet many ethnic and racial minorities experience significant barriers to entry - be it financial, mentorship, or a general feeling of exclusion. We seek to change that by fostering wine education for underrepresented minority groups, and amplifying the voices of the people of color who are already thriving within the wine industry. We do this by way of outreach, awards, and education, as well as various other elements within our initiatives.

Regarding her (RE:HER)

Regarding Her or RE:Her is a National non-profit driven by women restaurateurs on a mission to empower and advance women, women of color, indigenous women, and LGBTQ+ identifying women food and beverage entrepreneurs by way of innovative platforms that uplifts her* business, supports her* community, and advocates her* industry.

Chromatic canned wines in the pool and in beautiful glass wines. Owner holding two bottles of wine too.


Nomadica’s  wines are sustainably farmed on the West Coast, low-intervention, minimal sulfur, dry (no sugar) and vegan. Their sommelier sources universally gratifying wines; flavor profiles that are serious enough for a glass but vivacious enough to be sipped out of the can.

Their wines are bottled in cans instead of bottles because they care about sustainability. Cans are 400x lighter than glass bottles, reducing emissions from shipping by up to 80%. Even the boxes we ship our wine in are designed so they are recyclable.

Three women packaging Ashanta wine in their bottles to go our for shipment in a warehouse.

Ashanta Wines

Ashanta Wines abides by zero:zero, traditional winemaking practices and makes a full range of bespoke wines. From experimental multi-fruit co-ferments, Pet-Nats, skin contact whites, field blends and elegant California Reds. Their wines are terroir driven expressions of Pachamama and her seasons. 

Unfined. Unfiltered. Wild yeast fermentations. Zero S02. 

They source their fruits from family-operated vineyards and work with growers who farm with organic and/or biodynamic practices. They hand pick some of their growers’ vineyards and sometimes, they forage for wild fruit in both the wilderness and urban spaces. 

Winemaking team, Donkey & Goat, gathered behind a big wooden sign that says McDowell.

Donkey & Goat

Climate-Driven Winemaking

Beginning with the 2021 vintage, Donkey & Goat will produce delicious wines under the broader Appellation of Origin designation. They have forged a new path celebrating their California designation. Climate-driven creativity is their driving force as they blend the precious few wines made from El Dorado in 2021 which was devastated by the catastrophic Caldor Fire. 

They are steadfast in their focus to manifest a future where wildfires do not destroy their creativity and ability to make delicious natural wine. A California designation represents ingenuity and freedom like Vin de France (VdF) which has evolved to be the ultimate expressive playground for French artisanal winemakers. Their many 2021 California Appellation wines are made with freedom and creativity which is why they call them Climate-Driven Creative Wines.