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Emme Wines Pink Lemonade 2021


Field blend of Abouriou, Colombard, Carignan, Valdiguié, Zinfandel. Emme Wines is a new endeavor by a young winemaker, yet it is a winery that we wish has been around all our lives. Rosalind Reynolds is the owner and winemaker who farms organic grapes and uses no additives. 2018 was the first vintage for Rosalind as she wanted to create something of her own, but with the welcomed support of her group of like-minded growers in Northern California. Wine, at its core, is about community. Countless hands are involved in every glass you drink – the growers who planted cuttings three generations ago; the field workers who prune the vines in winter, tend them throughout the year, and pick the grapes come autumn; the winemakers and interns who foot stomp those grapes, forklift bins of fermenting fruit from tank to press, and fill barrels with wine to rest before bottling; and the distributors, restaurateurs, and sommeliers who help bring that bottle to you. An incredible amount of labor and love goes into filling a glass with wine, and we are constantly reminded of and grateful for the community that makes all of it possible. Similar wine should be enjoyed with a community which is why Rosalind crafts fresh, bright wines meant to be enjoyed with friends. Due to frosts in November 2020 the grapes in Ricetti Vineyard in Mendocino were of much lower quantity in 2021, so Rosalind decided to make a field blend of all their grapes. All the grapes are fermented with wild yeasts, neutral aging, and nothing else except a very small amount of sulfur. The name Pink Lemonade comes during the fermentation when the juice looked like electric pink lemonade and was named as such. What does it taste like? Like Pink Lemonade...just with 10% alcohol in it. Rosalind is one of our favorite new winemakers, we hope she becomes yours as well.

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